Our Mission To You

"To provide a premium, educational, and hassle-free personal styling experience driven by the uniqueness and voice of the customer".


What we wear makes a bold and unique statement as to our individuality. We choose our style and clothing based on who we are, what we want to represent, and what feelings we want to embody. Fashion and style is very personal in so many ways, and that is why here at The Lasting Impression we believe that fashion is about the people - not the clothing.

This company was founded on the belief that our customers should be driving their style journey - not certain brands or stores. This is why our services are based around a "styling journey" that puts the customers needs, wants, and uniqueness first. While you may find fancy algorithms and being labeled as a "type" approach with other styling companies, we believe in a personal styling experience that's actually personal.

Shopping and maintaining your wardrobe can be stressful and time-consuming in your already busy and packed lives. The plethora of fashion advice, malls, and "style gurus" can be completely overwhelming - and ain't nobody got time for that.

We feel your pain.

Our services are engineered to solve for all the problems we know you may have when trying to achieve your best style. In our direct conversations with you, you told us that time, money, and energy spent to maintain your styles was exhausting - and we listened.

This is why we are proud that our services are centered around direct feedback from the fashion community, focusing on the most customized and human styling services around. Say "bon voyage" to the hassle of shopping, not knowing what looks good on you, and being confused as to what to wear.

Here at The Lasting Impression, we vow to keep you looking stylish and save you time, so you can focus on the priorities in your life. When our customers smile because of how happy they feel in the clothing we helped them find, we know we have done our job.

We look forward to working with you to help you leave a lasting impression.

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