#SUAVESATURDAYS Week 2 - Wearing Off-The-Rack

Welcome back to #SuaveSaturdays, our weekly style tips to help you gentlemen leave a lasting impression!

STYLE TIP - Stop Wearing Off-The-Rack Suits/Blazers/Sport Coats


This is one of the most common mistakes we have seen and helped clients with. Sure, it's easy to scoop up that suit, blazer, or sport coat in your "size" at your favorite store (or for most of you now, online) - but wait! Although you may be picking the right "size", these types of clothing items are best when fully customized to YOUR body.

The reason is, most of the designers putting together the suits/coats/jackets have a "model frame" they are building the item for, and we all know how different and unique our bodies are - so it typically won't fit perfectly on you. Although the one size you base your purchase off of might be correct, so many other measurements could be off giving you an unpolished look. Not having the jacket tapered correctly to your body or having the wrong pant length can easily make you look sloppy.

THE FIX - Get Your Suits/Blazers/Sport Coats Tailored


Make it a habit that as soon as you get a suit, sport coat, or blazer, you make sure it fits right on you by getting it tailored. One of the common myths people have is that it's too expensive or it's too hard to find a tailor - neither of which are true. You can go to any of your typical local "suit stores" like Jos A. Bank or Men's Wearhouse, and sometimes even large department stores (like JC Penney or Macys) offer this service. Spend your precious resources on this - you won't regret it.


BONUS TIP - Local dry cleaning/alteration shops can be hidden gems. Often their prices are very competitive to the bigger retailers and they do quality work that you may overlook since they are smaller shops. Do your research and don't hesitate to give them a try!

BONUS STYLE TRICK - Take an off-the-rack suit you already own and have worn around people, and get it tailored. People may start asking if it's a new suit, because that's how different you will look in it 😉

(photo credit - inthecapital.streetwise.co)

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