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Your body type is such an important framework to know, as it provides the foundation for understanding the right clothing styles and tactics that helps you look your best. Body types are divided up into a few different shapes, each with unique identifying features that help bring a realistic focus to your style approach.

So, what is my body type and how do I know? Glad you asked! Here are some basic details to get you started:

1) Rectangle - Usually a tall and thin frame. Shoulders are roughly the same width as waist and hips

2) Triangle - Smaller framed shoulders overall, with bigger waist and hips in relation to shoulders

3) Trapezoid - The "average" build most designers use for clothing. Wider shoulders with the waist being the narrowest point. Upper body slightly wider than waist, but not significantly

4) Oval - Center of the torso is wider than the hips and shoulders

5) Inverted Triangle - Well developed and wide chest and shoulders, with a slim waist. Men who workout and pack a lot of upper body muscle will fall in this category.

Of course, understanding your body type is just the beginning! If you want to learn more about your body type and how to style yourself based upon it, make sure to buy our premium men's virtual personal styling service!

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BONUS TIP - Each body type has their own pros, cons, and unique approaches when it comes to personal styling. If you feel like your clothes don't fit or accentuate your body the way you want them to, it may be because you aren't approaching your style with the wrong precision according to your body type! Reach out to us 😉


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