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Being a top-tier stylish gentleman isn't just about clothing, it is also about behavior, attitude, and character as well.

Gentlemen, we are continuing to branch out from our typical "Fashion" only advice to providing advice on the the grand scheme of being a Gentleman.

Before we even open our mouths, we say so much to the people around us. If you are on the hunt for that special lady in your life, we are going to give you some tips today that may give you a leg up on the competition, and who knows - may help lead you to getting some digits?

So, what are 3 things women immediately notice about you?

HOW YOU ARE DRESSED It is a no-brainer that women will pay attention to how you are dressed. Do your clothes fit you? Are you dressed lazily? Are your shoes dirty? Do you have stains all over your clothes? Are they overly wrinkled? All these mistakes could potentially give you the instant boot in their minds. Your clothes and style will inevitably be one of the first things women see, so if you aren't looking put together, you probably aren't doing yourself any favors. After all, if you can't take care of yourself, how will you be able to take care of her? Spend some time putting your outfits and be presentable - you never know who you might meet!

OVERALL HYGIENE No, we aren't just talking about how you smell. When you are being scoped out, women will look at a variety of things related to your hygiene. Is your hair well groomed or do you look like a mad man? Is your beard well kept, or do you have a birds nest in it? Do you look overall clean, or like you haven't showered for days? Are you walking around with broccoli in your teeth - you get the idea. As long as you are looking well groomed and like you take care of yourself, you are already ahead of the pack. And yes, smelling good also helps, so use deodorant and please don't over-do it with the cologne or sprays.

POSTURE AND BODY LANGUAGE This one may throw you off a bit, but it is also very important. As humans, we knowingly and sometimes unknowingly pick up on body language signals. Now, we are no body language experts, but we can definitely give you some basics here. A woman will easily notice if you are walking with your shoulders drooped, having your face down, and giving off a lack of confidence vibe. Being extra fidgety, not being able to sit still, and looking around everywhere will also give off that you are nervous and all over the place mentally. Instead, try to walk calmly with your shoulders back with your head up and hands at your sides. Walking and sitting like that will tell a woman you are confident in your shoes, and hey - maybe they want to know what you are so confident about?

Let us know your thoughts on the tips OR if we missed something!

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