Updated: Sep 12, 2020

We are very happy to introduce "Suave Saturdays", our weekly style tips to make sure you leave a lasting impression!

STYLE TIP - Get Rid Of Limp Collars

We are kicking off "Suave Saturdays" with helping you fix that ugly limp collar! There is no quicker way to kill a nice snazzy outfit than to have your collar hanging crooked, limp, or jumbled up!

Show off your style precision by making sure your collar is well-formed, sharp, and crisp with the below remedies!


THE FIX - Use Metal/Magnetic Collar Stays

Use collar stays made of copper or metal - anything aside from plastic. Our personal favorites are magnetic collar stays, which are made of metal and also include magnets. While the simple metal/copper ones will keep the ends from going limp, the magnetic ones take it a step further. The magnetic collar stays allow you to attach right to a magnet on the inside of your shirt, virtually assuring your collar stays nicely pressed and crisp against your shirt all day.


BONUS TIP: Discard the cheap plastic collar stays that typically come with our dress shirts, as they will bend and are not strong enough to create nice clean lines for the collar.

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