How to stay cool and look classy in white

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

White is a color people tend to avoid due to its revealing nature. Whether it be because the fabric is too sheer, or that it tends to do a terrible job hiding your food baby.

Although white may have a bad reputation, it is actually one of the best colors to wear in the summer. Due to the pigments in the fabric, white does a great job reflecting the heat away from your body.

The lasting Impression is here to mend your relationship with white.


Fabric, Fabric, and Fabric: When shopping for a blouse or dress suit with the color white, we highly recommend testing the fabric before taking it home. When touching the garment, try crinkling a small portion of the shirt. If the wrinkles are obvious, then the garment will need to be ironed frequently (and who has time for that). To ensure the garment won’t require numerous dry cleaning trips, check the tag for its care instructions.

Recycle: we all have those dingy white tops, that are in desperate need of some TLC. Try bringing them back to life with some oxiclean or bleach. Bleach can be scary, but when used correctly it will become your best friend. If possible try to dry your whites in the sun, because it will naturally brighten your garments

Stains? We don’t know her : Before going out in anything white, you have to be prepared for the worst. Whether it be that glass of red wine or ketchup, it could ruin an outfit. Baby wipes are a hidden treasure. They do an amazing job at removing any water based stain as well as grass stains. Peroxide and water will get that blood stain out before you even know it! When it comes to red wine, what I recently discovered is when you’re in a jif, white wine becomes a life saver. While this is unconventional, it works wonderfully. Blot don’t rub, and soak the area completely!

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