End of Summer Alert - Fabrics for Fall


Being the good proactive closet organizer that you are, we know you probably stowed away clothes made with certain fabrics during Summer. With Fall knocking on our door, read further to see what you should be starting to bring back as cooler weather sets in!

Wearing the right material for the weather is SO important to feeling comfortable, yet it’s a mistake many people still make or simply don't know any better. We are here to help you!

For example, that nice polyester suit jacket might have cooked you alive during the summer months, but it is going to keep you stylish and warm during Fall!

Continue reading to find out some of the materials to bust out of storage for the Fall weather!

3 Fabric Types To Pull Out of Storage For Fall


Nylon: 100% man made and synthetic, it naturally traps heat inside. Nylon is made to be water resistant, therefore trapping body heat which will be helpful in the cooler months.

Men's nylon shirt - aliexpress


Polyester: Polyester is helpful due to its resistance to wrinkling, it is also a material you may want during the cooler months. Like Nylon, it is also moisture resistant, which keeps all the heat inside.

Women's polyester business dress - aliexpress


Wool: Wool is super useful, and super classy. It is a natural fabric and is very breathable. You might have gotten away with Wool in the summer since its breathability regulates the body fairly well, but in the cooler months it allows moisture to wick to the material to help insulate you - pretty cool, huh?