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Fashion for YOU, by YOU

We talked to you, and we heard you. You don't want items "pushed" to you, you want to decide what you get, and you want to save time.

The good news - we solve for all of these.

"When you look your best, you feel your best, and that confidence will undoubtedly maximize your opportunities"

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No Hassle Subscriptions

You hate annoying, complex subscriptions for everything else in your life, so why would you expect that from your Style company?

Enjoy our no hassle, cancel anytime "subscriptions". No penalties, no fees.

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Full-Service Styling

We know you want to look your best, but it can be time consuming and a pain!

We buy for you, drop it off, and even handle returns or exchanges for you! We save you time, so you can spend it where it matters the most to you.


Look at the Exclusive, Premiere or Style Me Once Bundle for these premium add-ons.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a premium educational personal styling experience driven by the uniqueness and voice of the customer that eliminates all the hassle of shopping

Our Brand Message

Here at TLI, we believe Fashion is about the people, not the clothing. That is why every premium styling experience is designed with our customer in mind, helping them save time, energy, and frustration while we guide them on their journey to their best style.

Don't Miss your Chance

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What is our satisfaction guarantee?

We have no interest in keeping your money if you are not satisfied - it is that simple. All of our services include this guarantee, and we will keep working until you are happy, or your money back. *Please refer to service details for further information

We hate annoying, complex subscriptions that deceive customers - so you won't find any of that here. If you subscribe to a service, know you will have peace of mind because you can cancel anytime with no hidden fees, hassle, or lightly put...BS.

What are no hassle subscriptions?


My goal with The Lasting Impression is to have everyone feel confident with every step they take. When you look your best, you feel your best! What opportunities are we leaving behind by not putting our best foot forward?


I have listened to the Fashion Community, and have developed services that you all are yearning for.  Our services center on your needs, and are designed to save you time, energy, and hassle.


We look forward to working with you!

Mohsin Siddik



The Lasting Impression (TLI) was established in Northern Virginia in 2016.
TLI is an Image Consulting Agency that you can count on to be your central source for Fashion/Styling advice and services.
We offer no hassle subscriptions or one time styling services. We also take pride in our variety of services - ranging for those with basic needs, or those looking for a more premium service that covers things like personal shopping, drop off, and returns/exchanges! 
Let us guide you on your style journey and help you ensure your first impression is a lasting impression!
For questions, comments, or feedback you can use the contact us page or email us at We would love to hear from you!